Together, we define the specific corporate goals for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and develop an individual, holistic diversity strategy. A detailed roadmap enables short- and long-term goals to be disclosed and achieved. All measures are individually tailored to the company and build on each other in a meaningful way.

Diversity, Equity &
Inclusion Strategy

How can Diversity, Equity and Inclusion be integrated efficiently and effectively into the company?

With our holistic strategic consulting approach, we establish Diversity, Equity and Inclusion measures with vision in all business units and at all management levels. Together, we define company-relevant targets and create an individual roadmap. Each measure is categorized, prioritized, assigned and made measurable through a downstream performance review.

Your Benefits

  • Strategy development with vision and focus on sustainable corporate success
  • Joint definition of company-relevant targets
  • Individual and creative approaches
  • Alignment of DE&I management with holistic corporate strategy
  • Generation of ownership
  • Data-based approach for measurably successful and traceable DE&I engagement

Goal Setting &
Strategy Workshop

How can Diversity, Equity & Inclusion be experienced in the company and become success factors?

Our Goal Setting & Strategy Workshop creates a corporate foundation for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Here, corporate goals and strategy development are jointly coordinated. Each Goal Setting & Strategy Workshop is individually designed. Companies benefit from inspiring formats, unique methods, and frameworks. We make diversity an interactive experience, bringing practical insights and inspiring best practice examples from our cross-sector consulting work.

Your Benefits

  • Alignment of corporate goals and diversity strategy
  • Creation of a common understanding for DE&I
  • Identification of goals and shared commitment
  • Sustainable learning success through best practice examples
  • Individual, inspiring methods and frameworks

Management Improver

Let’s challenge your Diversity Management!

How can the existing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Management be made even more target-oriented? Companies that have already established diversity measures use our Diversity Management Improver to review and optimize them. We identify internal and external pain points, develop efficient solution approaches with our finger on the pulse of developments, and take diversity strategies to the next level. Ideal for all companies that want to adapt their diversity, equity & inclusion management to the zeitgeist and fully exploit their potential for success!

Your Benefits

  • Analysis of the existing diversity management
  • Review and classification of current effectiveness
  • Identification of strengths and opportunities
  • Development of targeted, individual approaches to solutions
  • Know-how from current research and trends
  • Inspiration from best practices
  • Full exploitation of the entrepreneurial potential for success

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