We accompany companies in an advisory, organizational, and operational capacity on their path to a strong future. With our holistically integrated consulting approach, we support them in sustainably increasing their performance via inclusive leadership, a diverse workforce, inclusion, and equal opportunities – in all areas and at all management levels.

Network Building
& Consulting

What role do internal company networks play and how can companies promote them?

Structured, exciting, and mutually supportive communities – our expertise in setting up and expanding networks and communities clearly shows how positive their impact is! Internal women’s, father’s, LGBTQIA* or otherwise inclusive networks bring new insight, promote internal company exchange, and contribute to innovative and high-performance companies. With the experience of Global Digital Women and Tijen Onaran, we actively advise and support companies in the establishment and further development of their internal networks.

Your Benefits

  • Holistic consulting for the establishment and expansion of internal networks and network structures
  • Full exploitation of internal network potential
  • Continuous network improvement
  • Innovative design of networking programs through our multi-year expertise in community and events
  • Synergy with Global Digital Women and Tijen Onaran

& Training

In addition to our Goal Setting & Strategy Workshop we offer other customized workshops and training sessions to ensure sustainable change. Each event is unique, no two are alike. Our workshops focus on the individual needs and questions of companies regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Our interactive training sessions are interactive and based on inspiring best practices and up-to-date scientific know-how. The focus on concrete next steps and the generation of ownership ensure long-term results.

Your Benefits

  • Laying the optimal foundation for awareness raising and sustainable change
  • Scientifically sound and up-to-date know-how about DE&I
  • Insight into best practices
  • Inspiring methods and frameworks
  • Individual content and tasks
  • Sustainable learning success
  • Interactive experience

Introduction to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

  • What is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion?
  • Why are these factors so important for companies? Why for me?
  • How can they be promoted?

Unconcious Bias & Inclusive Leadership Training:

  • What are unconscious biases?
  • How can they be dealt with?
  • How can they be reduced?
  • How do I lead a (diverse) inclusive team?

Goal Setting Workshop & Strategy Workshop:

  • What are our goals?
  • What are the company’s goals?
  • How can we reach them?
  • What are potential hurdles and possible solutions?

Consulting for

How can diversity, equity & inclusion be integrated into HR processes?

How can diversity, equal opportunities, and inclusion be ensured in HR processes? We identify internal and external conditions, biases, and potential. In this way, disadvantages, exclusion, or discrimination can be specifically identified and reduced. To this end, we provide input and develop individual solutions for companies that want to build an inclusive culture, retain long-term employees, and attract new talent.

Your Benefits

  • Analysis and evaluation of existing HR processes
  • Identification of improvement potential
  • Creation of inclusive HR processes
  • Creation of a sense of belonging and retention of employees
  • Targeted recruiting and acquisition of new talent
  • Expansion of the talent pipeline

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