We create a customized diversity strategy and optimally develop existing diversity measures. The first step to doing this is analyzing the status quo; we sort structures and measures, identify new potential, and increase the previous commitment for a sustainable and successful approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I).

Diversity Audit
& Assessment

What measures promoting diversity are already established in the company? Which ones need to be redefined, and which need to be established?

In the Diversity Audit & Assessment, we create a detailed inventory and examine the status quo of diversity criteria such as age, gender and gender identity, disability and impairment, social and ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, and ideology. We compare these results to a fictitious best practice company. In this way, we form a roadmap with concrete goals and measures that combine both scientific findings and cross-industry practical experience.

Your Benefits

  • Laying of an optimal foundation for a sustainable, targeted DE&I strategy or optimization of the existing DE&I management
  • Targeted identification of diversity needs, strengths, and improvement potential
  • Transparency for internal and external stakeholders
  • Developing precise steps and recommendations for action
  • Measuring the success of DE&I management and commitment


How is the company positioned in the market?

We’ll find out. Our Diversity Audit & Assessment is followed by industry-specific benchmarking. Our clients can determine the companies they would like to be compared to, and from the benchmarks obtained, our experts determine the company’s current position in terms of diversity. This is an ideal starting point for developing an individual diversity strategy with a strong action plan or for optimizing existing structures.

Your Benefits

  • Detailed comparison with competitors and identification of own market position in regard to diversity
  • Laying of an optimal foundation for new – or optimization of existing – diversity measures
  • Formation of individual goals to differentiate from the competition

Cultural Assessment

What is the company’s internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion culture like?

How do employees perceive the company? What about their sense of belonging? Our Inclusive Cultural Assessment identifies current diversity needs and specific pain points within the company. Our experts gain clear insight from individually tailored interviews and surveys, which form the basis for a detailed, holistic analysis of the current corporate culture and enable custom solutions.

Your Benefits

  • Know-how and scientifically based approach
  • Holistic inventory and deep understanding of the current corporate culture
  • Identification of internal pain points and needs
  • Transparency and clear results
  • Laying of an optimal foundation for targeted, sustainable, and individually tailored diversity measures

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