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Vision + Mission

Our vision is of successful companies that use diversity as a driver for innovation, growth, and performance. As one of the leading strategy and management consultancies for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), we make companies fit for the future.

Why Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Recruiting New Talent

Companies that consciously focus on diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities are on the forefront of modern thought and attract the talent of tomorrow.

Staff Development

An inclusive corporate culture creates a sense of belonging and satisfaction, increases everyone’s productivity, and retains employees in the long run.

Increasing Innovation & Performance

Where the views and experience of many come together, innovation, progress, and growth become the norm.

Reaching New Target Groups and Markets

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion open up perspectives, broaden horizons, and facilitate companies’ access to new target groups and markets.


We are the strategy and management consultancy of Global Digital Women and one of the leading consultancies for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We provide our clients with targeted and measurable advice, from analysis and strategy development to the implementation of appropriate diversity measures.


Digitalization and new work, future job profiles and AI: the need for sustainable DE&I consulting is tremendous. With our holistic strategic consulting approach, we integrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion measures with great foresight — at all corporate levels. Our work is data-driven and makes the success of dedication to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion comprehensible and measurable.

Expertise on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We work with a finger on the pulse of development. Our consulting is based on current research and sound, scientific findings. Together with the University of Flensburg, we investigate the latest trends in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We combine this know-how with practical experience from our cross-sector projects.


Our consulting services are closely linked to the expertise and network of Global Digital Women. In this way, we also guarantee the necessary know-how in the areas of digitalization, event planning, social media marketing and community management, as well as access to a large network consisting of brands, companies, experts, and social communities.

The ACI Network

The Team

Our team consists of excellent strategists, experienced consultants, innovative entrepreneurs, accomplished researchers, and economists. What motivates us? Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the corporate world to ensure strong, sustainable companies. To this end, we create sustainable and targeted solutions with invaluable added value.


Marco Duller-Onaran


“Diversity is the driver of innovation, whether it’s developing a product, programming an app, or designing the best idea. Without diversity, companies will not survive in the future!”

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Marco is an entrepreneur and CEO of ACI. Together with Tijen Onaran, he leads Global Digital Women (GDW), one of the most influential diversity companies in the DACH region.

Marco studied political science, business administration, and sociology in Trier, Germany, and holds an MBA with a focus on public affairs. After graduation, he gained extensive experience in the consulting, IT, logistics, and consumer goods industries. Additionally, he is an investor in Pumpkin Organics and Young Female Mentoring.


Sirid Böhm

Associate Director

“Only when we step out of our comfort zone and see diversity not as a threat but as an opportunity we have the opportunity to use it and benefit from it.”

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Sirid is an experienced strategy consultant and has extensive knowledge in building and supporting corporate diversity programmes. As a consultant at Accenture, she has worked on strategy projects in various industries and sectors and has a profound understanding of the strategic challenges companies of various sizes are facing. Besides that, Sirid has worked continuously on diversity issues in 6 years of professional experience and has developed a deep understanding of the company’s internal issues and challenges in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion.


Linda Schombach

Head of Strategy & Development

“Without diversity, there is no business success. Diversity is a business case and real driver for innovation and creativity. Everyone benefits from inclusive leadership styles and equal opportunity structures – both companies and their employees.”

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Linda learned the value of cultural diversity early on – as a high school student, she spent a year living in India. In college, she studied corporate management & economics with a focus on corporate cultures at Zeppelin University. Also, she spent a semester abroad at UC Berkeley in California, where she focused on equity fluent leadership & diversity management in companies. She then deepened her consulting experience at Boston Consulting Group. At ACI, Linda is responsible for corporate strategy & development.

Berit Aldag

Berit Aldag

Junior Consultant

“Diversity and inclusion are important drivers for entrepreneurial innovation and are therefore a real business case! They create ideas, solutions, flexibility, and openness – thus also access to new markets, target groups, and talent.”

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Berit completed her master’s degree in management with a focus on strategy & corporate development and cross-cultural management at the University of Göttingen. As part of her master’s thesis, she conducted a big data analysis of S&P 500 companies to analyze female empowerment in top management. She gained valuable practical experience in the areas of controlling and cooperation & supplier management. At ACI, she mainly provides operational support in consulting projects.


Audrey Fisch

Junior Consultant

“In business as in society, we know “No one of us is as smart as all of us”. Equal opportunities and inclusive behaviour set the course for promoting the potential of all people, integrating diverse perspectives and advancing future-proof ideas together.”

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In addition to her Master’s studies in Intercultural HR Development and Communication, Audrey has four years of HR experience in the energy industry. Diversity, equity and inclusion have always been key cornerstones during her work in recruitment and employer branding, as well as in internal talent development and corporate learning projects. At ACI, Audrey is mainly involved in consulting projects for various organisations.

Our Diversity
Expert Circle


Tijen Onaran

Thought Leader DEI, CEO, Author & Speaker

“Diversity does not mean one; diversity means many! And that’s exactly what we need more of — more diversity at all levels and in all areas. Those who stand up for diversity stand up for the future!”

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Tijen Onaran is the founder and CEO of Global Digital Women and ACI. When it comes to diversity, visibility, and digitalization, she is one of Germany’s most influential opinion leaders. As a bestselling author, moderator, and sought-after speaker, she inspires throughout Europe. With her expertise on social media, diversity, employer branding, and digitalization, she advises SMEs and large companies, organizations, ministries, and individuals. Tijen studied political science, history, and public law in Karlsruhe.


Dr. Tanja Reimer

Director & Senior Researcher | Jackstädt-Zentrum / Europa Universität Flensburg

“Organizations will only thrive if they incorporate truly diverse perspectives and understand how to utilize them.“

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Tanja is director and senior researcher at the Jackstädt Center at the European University Flensburg.
Her research focuses on organizational development and diversity management — especially in employee experience design and diversity & inclusion. In national and international research projects, she investigates issues surrounding gender and LGBT in the corporate context. The benefits of diversity for digital transformation are also part of her research. At ACI, Tanja uses her scientific expertise on diversity to make research findings accessible and usable for corporate practice.

Marco Duller-Onaran
Mail: marco.duller-onaran@aci-consulting.de

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